Robot becomes world’s first artificial intelligence company director

“Japanese venture capital firm, Deep Knowledge, recently named an artificial intelligence (AI) to its board of directors. The robot, named Vital, was chosen for its ability to pick up on market trends that are ‘not immediately obvious to humans’” Read more on Mail Online

AI enters the Board Room

Photo: 20th Century Fox


Already more Bots than Humans on the Web

“Global web traffic has increased sharply over the past few years. However, the majority of today’s website traffic is not actually human traffic. More than 60% of website traffic can be traced back to bots that automatically browse websites for different purposes. Roughly half of all automated traffic comes from good bots, that search engines such as Google use to index a website’s content. The other half of automated traffic is malicious though, caused by content scrapers, spam bots or and other programs that mean harm.”

Infographic: Humans Account for Less Than 40% of Global Web Traffic | Statista

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How Real is Spike Jonze’s ‘Her’? Artificial Intelligence Experts Weigh In

JOAQUIN PHOENIX as Theodore in the romantic drama “HER,” directed by Spike Jonze, a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

“In Spike Jonze’s Oscar-nominated, futuristic film “Her”, computers compose music, carry on seamless conversations with humans, organize emails instantaneously, and even fall in love. But what appears to be pure sci-fi has more grounding in actual science than the casual viewer might believe.”

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