Algo me, baby

Computers everywhere – not new. Algorithms everywhere – not new either. Oh by the way, algorithms are created by us. At first at least. And in a way, algorithms represent culture. They rate what we like, what we might like, what we should like. They tell us who we are. And they trade for us. If trading is not the nucleus of our culture, then what? So, not new at all.

The point is we design and architect the world around us to use these
algorithms, to give them way, to spread and … finally take control?
Well, today we are at the stage of forming the physical world to make it
comfy for Algo, our new best friend. We create places huge (datacenters)
and small (mobile devices) where it can eat and work, mountains are blasted
away to gain that extra millisecond in which Algo can communicate with its
siblings. It all seems kind of cloudy to us, but that space out there is
what Algo needs to best be nourished and flourish.

In Algo we trust. Well, after all its based on the purest of all sciences, on math. And
is it not god that we are seeking by the means of math? It’s what we use to
create space ships, hadron colliders and … yes, algorithms.
We must have faith, because as in god we put our fate into the hands of Algo.
Fate, as the thing that happens without us knowing why, is what happens when
Black Box Trading takes over, when the prize of an ordinary book exceeds
20 million dollar
, in short, when something happens with a plan – only that we
don’t exactly know that plan.

So, we are advancing culture not on our own any more. We have Algo now.
Algo is part of our culture. It always has been. Deal with it. And have faith.

Now watch the TED talk by Kevin Slavin that inspired this post:


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